Twin Tuesday

For a good portion of my little mushroom cut headed life I referred to Tuesday as Twin Tuesday..specifically for this reason

ImageThats right…every Tuesday, the local TV station showed 2 episodes of Full House and i was OBSESSED with these twins

But anyways, done rambling for now

I want to chat about my obsession with workout clothes


“Hi I’m Kaity and im a racer back, capri, running short/shoe addict”

My closet is dedicated solely to this weird addiction I have, its broken up into colors, seasons,  and sports, and yes this system totally makes no sense and i end up throwing them all on the same shelf anyways.

But one trend I’ve really embraced is the annoying NEON color pieces…it has nothing to do with fashion (okay im lying, it partly does) but safety.


I can not tell you how many times I’ve gone out for my run and been thissssclooooose to being turned into road kill.

Neon colors has helped make drivers more aware of the whole I AM RUNNER HERE ME ROAR attitude I project.


Running Safety is often a topic that people overlook, and I think thats because of the “that will never happen to me” mind frame a lot of runners have.  The rule of thumb for drivers will always be “Just because you can see them, doesnt mean they can see you”..this is my running motto to live by, and it has saved my life countless times.

So if youve been weary of putting some hot neon colors over your hot bods, dont be.  Dont be self conscious of your safety, even if its as simple as neon accents on a piece of clothing, just give it a try, I promise you wont look like some over desperate tween rave kid.

Here are some stylish examples:



Lululemon Scoop Me Up Tank





It’s been (too long) a while

I admit it…

I chickened out on going into the bloggospher..I wrote a few, got LOTS of views after my post on Caitlin’s site, and once those views game down, the inner perfectionist in me wanted people to like me, and lack of views meant  OH EM GEE NO ONE LIKES ME!?!?!?!

I lost consistency and threw in the towel before I even started

The short amount of time I was writing and commenting and connecting, I felt like I finally found a group to fit in with…there were literally hundreds of writers out there who were like looking into a mirror at myself…

As a young adult, Ive struggled to find a lot of people who share my love for going to a yoga class on a friday night, or wake up at 7am on a Saturday to run 10miles.  People around me think im NUTS for doing that (you RUN for PLEASURE…youre so weird), but when I read blogs I see that there are lots of nutsos out there like me

So Ive decided to write again, write to connect, write to feel sane, and write to keep up with my goals in the upcoming months (another half marathon, a full, and lots of yoga so I can, you know, finally touch my toes)

A lot has happened to me since the, oh TWO YEARS, since I last wrote..and It will take some time to fill anyone in…but ill start by introducing this guy, who’s driven me insane, but yet taught me to not take things so seriously at the exact same time…Image


My Life this coming week

as you may or may not know..when im not pretending to be the best party/event planner/student in the world..i work as a florist..this coming life is over, for Valentines is quickly approaching us..this next week I will be putting together bouquets of babys breath and roses until i puke..which means one thing



have a fun and safe weekend every body!


We survived Snowmagedon twenty eleven!

It was a crazy past few days here in Wisco…between the total white outs, winds up to 50 mph and countless mounds of snow, we were all able to dig out and manage to have some fun while we were at it.

Literally EVERYTHING was shut down Wednesday morning..the HIGHWAY was shut down…when that happens you know youre 2 steps away from the world ending…So while everyone sat bundled up in their houses claiming “Woe is me” my roommate and i took the advantage to get out and GET . day. ever

One of the busiest roads in MKE…Empty

Our adventures took us to the moon..I mean the of the weirdest scenes I have ever encountered…it was UNREAL how the beach had transformed into something extra terrestrial.

This day taught me an important lesson..when in doubt..

Go explore

Even though you may have lived in the same town for your whole life..there are still so many wonders out there that have yet to be unearthed

Getting my Run on

Today, on January 31st, 2011, I ran 10 minutes straight, pain free, for the first time in a year.

It was a thrilling yet completely horrifying experience.  I paid attention to literally every twinge and twang in my legs thinking “oh god the pains coming back, i started too soon!”

Once I found my groove though, I dropped those negative thoughts because…no body ever gets too far with a brain plagued with negative thoughts.

This week begins my re-entry back into the running game after being sidelined for around 8 months…I created a bit of a training plan to keep myself on track and not getting to ahead of myself, looking a bit something like this:

(i didnt put in milage because I am going to be running on a track and am horrible at remembering what Lap I’m on, so i just rounded up from 8min miles to 10minutes total etc etc)

I hope this plan will help me get on the right path with out getting to ahead of myself.

When getting back into a training plan its extremely important to listen to your body and any cues it may be giving following these tips is suuuuuper important.

  1. STRETCH- I am someone who absolutley HATES to stretch, but it is SO important to keep your muscles loose, especially when reintroducing it to something that is so hard on your body.
  2. Have Patience- Even though you may feel like you could run 5 miles..DONT, overuse at an early stage will probably end up leading to your injury coming back, and potentially being a lot worse than when it started..things are gonna be slow at first (hello..10 minutes, that like cupcakes compared to the 12 milers I used to do) but in the end it will SO be worth it
  3. If you feel pain..take a break- Listen to your body, if it’s in pain, it will let you know that you should really slow down and maybe take a day off to let it recover after making it do something it may not recognize, take the day to do some easy cross training, and heat it and/or ice the sore spot, and dont get frustrated at the pain, its just your body asking you what the hell is going on.
  4. Take it easy- You may have been able to run 7 minute miles when you were at your peak running ability, and you may still be able to do it, but dont, dont push your body so hard so fast that youll end up regretting it 2 days later when your back to the elliptical, start of slow, and work your way up to some speed.
  5. Dont forget about strength training- once you get back in the running game its super easy to forget about thinks like a strong core and a tight butt..i mean glutes.. so on days when you aren’t running, take some time to do some planks, some squats, and some lunges, also embrace the hand weights, when you have good arm strength, it really helps to pump your arms harder while your running, which lets your body go farther without wearing out too quick.

Like my mantra says: SLOW AND STEADY may not always WIN the race..but it sure as hell will keep your legs feelin fresh

Now a question for all you…should I do my running BEFORE or AFTER I do my cross training that same day?



fear is supposed to be non-existant, pain is supposed to make you stronger, but what if one creates the other, creates it to the point where just the sight of something that used to be associated with pleasure, is now associated with being scared out of your mind. pain runs skin deep, or in my case, bone deep, even though pain is less every day, i fear that it will come back and never leave with one single stride.

When you Assume..

I still remember the day I thought my life was over.

I had just started running again after kind of slacking one winter, and my lower legs felt like they were suffering from the worst DOMS ever..whatever, my legs would get over it, and I’d be fine in a few days.

Not so much..I kept running an the pain got worse, I could barely walk down stairs to leave my apartment…it seriously felt like someone had taken a sledge hammer to my shins and then topped it all of with a nice chainsaw.

I automatically assumed: Shin Splints…fml, the front of my calves were in so much pain, i couldnt even touch them.. i freaked out, and then spent  A LOT of money trying all sorts of things to get them fixed.

First up:
I was convinced it was my off to the running store i went, and 175$ later i walked out with a new pair of asics and these:

Did it help my problem…not so much..crap

Next up: Physical Therapy

I spent countless hours getting massaged (aka feeling like i was getting the shiz beat out of me), hooked up to weird machines and endless calf stretches..after going there for a few months, I still had pain when I ran..well that was a waste of time

My PT recommended Orthotics because i had like the worst arches known to another 146 dollars later..i had my self a pair of sexy orthotics…which helped alleviate all the back pain i had from standing on my feet for 8 hours a day at work..but did nothing for my shins..

Now i was broke, and in pain..all for the love of running

I threw in the towel and became ever so reliant on ibuprofen, popping a few before I wanted to go for a run, it helped, but as soon as it wore off my shins were screaming bloody murder.  This was it..i was done running forever..I spent so much money trying to fix the problem, thinking that QUANTITY would rule of QUALITY.

I remembered a time when a PT mentioned how weak my hips looked while running..which lit that shiny light bulb in my head; What if my pain wasnt because of flat feet or tight calves, but instead coming from some completely different area of my body.

I went home and did some research..and BAM ..i saw an article entitled

“Weak Hips may Lead to Runners’ Lower Leg Injuries” wake up call.

“the hip muscles are responsible for stabilizing the leg during running, if these muscles are weak, or become fatigued easily, there is less control of the leg and the risk of injury increases.”

All these years my PT had been telling me how important it was that I do hip strengthening exercises, and i totally brushed them off because stretching and doing exercises were BOOORING..4 years later..i finally started to listen.

I started doing serious hip exercises, and in 4 weeks, shin pain is gone…wow..

Exercises included:

  • Abduction/Adduction Machine- 3 sets of 10 for both
  • Squats-lots
  • Lunges-lots
  • Resistance band squats

If I would have just heeded to the advice of doctors and not jumped to make assumptions, i would not only have stronger hips, but have an extra 250$ in my pocket…

Lesson Learned: Listen to the experts, and realize that just because there is pain somewhere, does not always mean that the pain started there

Hip Weakness=Lower Leg Pain/Wanting to cut your legs off

How I stopped Running..and Lived to Tell about it

Wow..long title much? I try, i try.

Today, on my daily walk across the street to the university’s gym (with a bit more blizzard added to the mix) I got to thinking how Ive been coming here almost every single day NON-STOP for the past forever months doing pretty much the same thing every day..and I still have my sanity.

When I was at my tip-top running shape, I was running EVERY.SINGLE.DAY rain,shine or snow.  I would have Laughed in your face if you told me that running would injure me and Id be stuck inside with the bros. BUT happend..

When I first got injured, i quit running cold turkey (if only i could give up my ice cream habit the same, i mean no).  I knew that I had to keep doing some sort of physical activity, because if i didnt I might have gone BUHnanas, SOOO to the gym it was..

It was mind-numbing at first..i would STARE at the timer and think to myself “5 MINUTES ITS ONLY BEEN 5 MINUTES…IM SO BORED” and push through the next 45 minutes..but then i bucked up and learned to embrace different ways to improve my body so i could get back to the roads ASAP

I learned to love SWEET exercise machines..such as this weird contraption:

like wtf is this thing..

It was so awkward at first..but then it got kinda amazing, and seriously worked my butt off

I also made make sure to always have some sort of reading material to distract me when the moments drag on..usually its always the latest issue of this:

except i got pissed at this article
but..can you blame nice pantyhose ya maverick…

Another thing that turned me into a total gym rat was the new discovery of weights


I actually have some arm definition and do squats and lunges without wanting to die..when I started..i could barely do 5lb the 15lbs are a piece of cake

Another thing I did was set challenges for myself..When i first started hitting up the gym if you asked me to do 20 sit ups, and a single pushups i would have walked right out of that i worked on them..i can now do full sit hundreds, and like 10 pushups..WIN! and now what else i can do now..TOUCH MY TOES..never could do that.

The gym is an OKAY place to go, and I enjoy my time spent there, and in the end its led me to an almost complete (knocks on wood) recovery from my shin splints and weak hips

So as I look towards my future and running..i will thank all those hours logged at the gym for giving me the ability to hit that pavement again with a stronger, more apprecitative outlook..


So as February rolls around, I will slowly say BUH BYE to the gym and hello to the never ending trails and paths, but keeping in mind how important strength and cross training really are to insuring a healthy, injury free running career


SO…Gym Time: Ye or Ney?


Tunes to Move your Tush to

Happy Thursday errbody! Its almost the weekend…scooore!

When it comes to working out..having good tunes is a must…Ive tried the whole “connect with your surroundings, and listen to your breathing” crap..aaaaand it doesnt work..without the ‘pod, workouts are quite brutal.

Creating  my go-to playlists doesnt require much..the more there is a beat, the better
I have anything from madonna(old AND new), DJ Mixes (Girl Talk), and more importantly, dirty filthy rap.

A guy friend of mine once looked at my music selections and said “wow kaity, you listen to some dirty music” …awkward

Heres a list of my top 10 workout songs of the moment/ever/dont care that its old

10.) Madonna- Heartbeat such a good jam to help you get in a good rhythm..the beat builds up and gets you moving
9.) Wiz Khalifa- Black and Yellow…everything i do I DO IT BIG (or if your a cheese head plz refer to the awesome remix of “Green and Yellow”
8.) Beyonce-Diva…cus we are all divas, even when it comes to getting sweaty

7.)Wiz Khalifa- Say Yeah…the beat is crazzzzy..and apparently i like Wiz a lot more than i thought..
6.) Usher ft. Nicki Minaj- Little Freak… “im lookin for a cutie a real big ol’ ghetto booty”WIN
5.) Sky Ferreria-One…love love love
4.) Kanye West- one woman should have that much power
3.) Drake-Over..thank me later

2.) Rihanna- Rude Boy..i could listen to just this for a whole 10 miler
i wouldnt mind having her backside

And finally……

1.) Kanye West- Monster..You Could be the King but Watch the Queen Conquer
Nickis verse KILLS IT

What are some of your favorite tunes work up a sweat to?

Wednesdays with Barbie

I would like everyone to meet my wonderful grandma: Barb(ie)

or you can refer to her as G Mizzle, Gma, Gram Master Flex…grandma works too

Everything ive learned about cooking, ive learned from her, she is seriously one of the best chefs around.

Every Wednesday night I head over to gmas house for a delicious home cooked meal..and after endless veggie burgers, salads, and anything else that i can whip up in .5 seconds, a home cooked meal is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Wednesdays are my Grandma days, they are also my day to learn an amazing new recipe to try for my own one day (and lets be honest…while the G is around, i will leave all cooking to her..)

Grandmas philosophy about cooking is “whatever looks good with a bit of whatever looks good”

Tonights menu was:
G’s infamous me this one will be served on my wedding day
Corn/red pepper mix
crusty bread..MM CARBS
and Chicken and Mushroom Curry

Chicken Curry is like the nastiest thing ever to here instead i have a picture of the corn salad..and another picture of my adorable grandmother

aww presssh!

Dinner was SOO i asked GMaster for the recipe of course and her response was

“well i dont know, i just kind of went with whatever”

god i wish i had that just go with “whatever” and end up with something so delicious

but i think the mix went a little something like this

2 chicken breasts

2 c mushrooms

1/2 c low fat sour cream

1 c any kind of Chutney that tickles your fancy

2 tbs Curry Powder

pepper, salt

and a butt load of this
mmm soo spiiicey

Saute Chicken until fully cooked and remove from pan, add mushrooms to the pan and saute until brown, add chutney, sour cream, curry powder, and other seasonings, cooked for 5 mins.  Add chicken back to the pan and let simmer for 10 mins covered.  Serve with brown rice and Sriracha.

I dont know how she did it, but she did, the flavors all worked together..and it literally took her 2o mins to cook

Now this salad..well that deserves a post of its own

Stay tuned next wednesday for another dashing edition of “Wednesdays with Barbie”