Copy Cat

Okay so I want to play with the cool kids in this blogging im taking a cue from the hilarious Janae and participating in Three Tangent Tuesday

Basically the rules of the game are:
share with the world three tangents/awkward/random/ridiculous things that you do or things that happened in your life for the rest of us to laugh at/question your levels of sanity and to learn a little more about YOU.

So here goes NOTHING

1.) My friends tell me I’m worse than the paparazzi when it comes to taking photographs after i’ve had a little bit to drink..i literally can not stop taking photos of people in the most awkward situations..such as this gem

God if that was a celebrity, and i was selling this image to Star magazine..MAJAH bucks my friends…

2.) I judge people and their relationships based of the floral arrangements they get. When im not Super Student of the World..I moon light as a you can say im some what of a floral snob..when ever people post pictures of flowers that they got from their other half..and they look like really ugly..i just shake my head..HELLO MEN..think outside of the BabysBreath and Roses and/or Canations please..SUPA SUPA fug. That would be a deal breaker for me

wait..thats a joke right


3.) Okay try not to be jealous about this one..i dont mean to toot my own horn or anything…

But I take REALLY Good Race photos

Dont Be Jeal

(more about exactly what this race was for in a later post..and its not an embarrassing one either)

Okay thats all I got..What are 3 awkward things about know you want to share!


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