My Relationship with Running

well since im so new to this bloggy world..I think I need to do a little more sharing about who I am so here is a little post about one of my passions..

Running is the cheapest form of therapy out there..all it takes is a swift jog/kick in the pants to clear your mind of any negative thoughts.

Running can do WONDERS for not only you body but your soul.

But…it is possible to get too much a of a good thing.

I started running in high school when I joined the distance team in track.  I started because I started HS by playing softball..and i couldn’t hit, I couldn’t catch, hell i was so scared of that ball…BUT i could run, so track was obviously the most logical thing for me to do.

track was AWESOME..i love listening to all the sprinter girls gawk over the fact that we ran 3 miles for WARMUP..i had finally found a sport I was pretty good at, without having to try much.

Slowly my running left the “hey this is fun” side and transformed into the “god if i don’t get this run in life is over” I began to use and abuse it.  I ran as a way to burn maximum amounts of calories instead of a way of burning off stress.  I lost a lot of weight, but yet my body never gave out on me (i kind of wished it had).  Running was no longer fun, and the thinner and sicker i got, the harder it got to carry my body.

When I entered a recovery treatment i was told ABSOLUTLEY NO RUNNING..a part of me died inside…i had been running almost every single day for the past 3 years of my life..but a part of me was relieved…i finally had permission to get i stopped..and got better

After 4 months…i was given the Ok to start running again..but only 1-2 miles at a time..i was thrilled..and that first time I ran again hurt SO GOOD..i started..but i started too quick..and have suffered many injuries because of it..i didnt listen to my body because all i wanted to do was run..and run far RIGHT AWAY

Finally my body shoved me to the ground, kicked dirt in my face and body actually laughed at me, and said “Yeah freakin are DONE” and left me with some crippling shin was hard for me to listen to my body at first, and i continued to run, even though there were numerous times it hurt so bad i would cry as i pushed my body a rough 5 pathetic would that look ..even after numerous PT sessions..nothing helped

So i quit..again..but this time it was for me..I learned things about my body that would help me recover..i learned that my weak hips were leading to my sore shins…WHAT THE…so, ive been slowly working on my hip strength..and guess what..pain free..for the first time in years ..holy guacamole..

So..slowly but surely, starting in february Im gonna re-establish my relationship with running..and im SCARED OUTTA MY MIND..what if i get hurt again, what if i CAN NEVER RUN AGAIN..gaahh..that ELLIPTICAL IS MAKING ME INSANE! So my fingers are crossed..and my laces will be crossed and tied tight..and my sexy orthotics are in place..

My mantra this time around will be:
SLOW AND STEADY may not always WIN the race..but it sure as hell will keep your legs feelin fresh

who doesn't like some big wieners after a race

anyone ever try to push through the pain? what happened?


6 thoughts on “My Relationship with Running

  1. I love that mantra!
    Are those your shoes in that picture? They look a lot like my old ones that I loved.
    Good luck with your new beginning with running! Just repeat your mantra and you will be fine.

  2. I loved this post! I have been in the same position, and my body has hated me for years following. However I have finally been able to ease back into it and have been pain free, so do just that ease into it! Also be sure to mix it up a bit at first as well and you will be fine!
    If a day ever comes around and I don’t feel like running, but seem to be pushing myself out the door for other reasons (aka burning more calories, etc) I will take a few days off and go for a walk or merely enjoy the rest.
    Running is the best!

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