Wednesdays with Barbie

I would like everyone to meet my wonderful grandma: Barb(ie)

or you can refer to her as G Mizzle, Gma, Gram Master Flex…grandma works too

Everything ive learned about cooking, ive learned from her, she is seriously one of the best chefs around.

Every Wednesday night I head over to gmas house for a delicious home cooked meal..and after endless veggie burgers, salads, and anything else that i can whip up in .5 seconds, a home cooked meal is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Wednesdays are my Grandma days, they are also my day to learn an amazing new recipe to try for my own one day (and lets be honest…while the G is around, i will leave all cooking to her..)

Grandmas philosophy about cooking is “whatever looks good with a bit of whatever looks good”

Tonights menu was:
G’s infamous me this one will be served on my wedding day
Corn/red pepper mix
crusty bread..MM CARBS
and Chicken and Mushroom Curry

Chicken Curry is like the nastiest thing ever to here instead i have a picture of the corn salad..and another picture of my adorable grandmother

aww presssh!

Dinner was SOO i asked GMaster for the recipe of course and her response was

“well i dont know, i just kind of went with whatever”

god i wish i had that just go with “whatever” and end up with something so delicious

but i think the mix went a little something like this

2 chicken breasts

2 c mushrooms

1/2 c low fat sour cream

1 c any kind of Chutney that tickles your fancy

2 tbs Curry Powder

pepper, salt

and a butt load of this
mmm soo spiiicey

Saute Chicken until fully cooked and remove from pan, add mushrooms to the pan and saute until brown, add chutney, sour cream, curry powder, and other seasonings, cooked for 5 mins.  Add chicken back to the pan and let simmer for 10 mins covered.  Serve with brown rice and Sriracha.

I dont know how she did it, but she did, the flavors all worked together..and it literally took her 2o mins to cook

Now this salad..well that deserves a post of its own

Stay tuned next wednesday for another dashing edition of “Wednesdays with Barbie”


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