Wisco Wonders

I love my home state and rep it when ever i can( HELLO WERE GOIN TO THE SUPER BOWL )..but as I look out my window on this “lovely” January morning..im greeted with…BLAH

and it gets me thinking..why would any one live here? The weather is gaurenteed to be pretty pathetic from November until April..such a drag..but then I remember WE HAVE FOUR SEASONS..and those 4 seasons make living here worth it.

One of the best things about living in good ol’ wisconsin it one of the worlds best farmers markets up in Madison.

Every saturday hundreds of farmers come out with stands filled with amazing locally grown produce that tastes like they have been grown by the gods

People of every shape,size, and tastes come to the market to fill up their bags with whatever is in season.  Every since i can remember my dad and I make the trip up there at least twice a year to fill up our bags and our stomachs..i always put in a special request to go up during apple season..because im addicted to apples and eat one every single day

Seeing the farmers who have worked so hard to grow all of the produce really reminds you how important it is to eat locally, and eat foods that are good for you body, foods that only have a few steps to them: dirt, water, grow, pick

The farmers market is for sure a reason why i appreciate my state and all the goodness it has to give..

Like Michael Pollan says:
Eat food, Not too much, Mostly Plants

oh yeah..the other reason why the farmers market is outta this world:

cookies the size of yo face!

what do you love most about your state?


2 thoughts on “Wisco Wonders

  1. I totally feel the same way about Alaska sometimes. What I love about the AK is that it is where my people are from, it truly is the last frontier and the wilderness and scenery is breathtaking (even after 25 years).
    I’m jealous of your farmers markets!

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