How I stopped Running..and Lived to Tell about it

Wow..long title much? I try, i try.

Today, on my daily walk across the street to the university’s gym (with a bit more blizzard added to the mix) I got to thinking how Ive been coming here almost every single day NON-STOP for the past forever months doing pretty much the same thing every day..and I still have my sanity.

When I was at my tip-top running shape, I was running EVERY.SINGLE.DAY rain,shine or snow.  I would have Laughed in your face if you told me that running would injure me and Id be stuck inside with the bros. BUT happend..

When I first got injured, i quit running cold turkey (if only i could give up my ice cream habit the same, i mean no).  I knew that I had to keep doing some sort of physical activity, because if i didnt I might have gone BUHnanas, SOOO to the gym it was..

It was mind-numbing at first..i would STARE at the timer and think to myself “5 MINUTES ITS ONLY BEEN 5 MINUTES…IM SO BORED” and push through the next 45 minutes..but then i bucked up and learned to embrace different ways to improve my body so i could get back to the roads ASAP

I learned to love SWEET exercise machines..such as this weird contraption:

like wtf is this thing..

It was so awkward at first..but then it got kinda amazing, and seriously worked my butt off

I also made make sure to always have some sort of reading material to distract me when the moments drag on..usually its always the latest issue of this:

except i got pissed at this article
but..can you blame nice pantyhose ya maverick…

Another thing that turned me into a total gym rat was the new discovery of weights


I actually have some arm definition and do squats and lunges without wanting to die..when I started..i could barely do 5lb the 15lbs are a piece of cake

Another thing I did was set challenges for myself..When i first started hitting up the gym if you asked me to do 20 sit ups, and a single pushups i would have walked right out of that i worked on them..i can now do full sit hundreds, and like 10 pushups..WIN! and now what else i can do now..TOUCH MY TOES..never could do that.

The gym is an OKAY place to go, and I enjoy my time spent there, and in the end its led me to an almost complete (knocks on wood) recovery from my shin splints and weak hips

So as I look towards my future and running..i will thank all those hours logged at the gym for giving me the ability to hit that pavement again with a stronger, more apprecitative outlook..


So as February rolls around, I will slowly say BUH BYE to the gym and hello to the never ending trails and paths, but keeping in mind how important strength and cross training really are to insuring a healthy, injury free running career


SO…Gym Time: Ye or Ney?



Tunes to Move your Tush to

Happy Thursday errbody! Its almost the weekend…scooore!

When it comes to working out..having good tunes is a must…Ive tried the whole “connect with your surroundings, and listen to your breathing” crap..aaaaand it doesnt work..without the ‘pod, workouts are quite brutal.

Creating  my go-to playlists doesnt require much..the more there is a beat, the better
I have anything from madonna(old AND new), DJ Mixes (Girl Talk), and more importantly, dirty filthy rap.

A guy friend of mine once looked at my music selections and said “wow kaity, you listen to some dirty music” …awkward

Heres a list of my top 10 workout songs of the moment/ever/dont care that its old

10.) Madonna- Heartbeat such a good jam to help you get in a good rhythm..the beat builds up and gets you moving
9.) Wiz Khalifa- Black and Yellow…everything i do I DO IT BIG (or if your a cheese head plz refer to the awesome remix of “Green and Yellow”
8.) Beyonce-Diva…cus we are all divas, even when it comes to getting sweaty

7.)Wiz Khalifa- Say Yeah…the beat is crazzzzy..and apparently i like Wiz a lot more than i thought..
6.) Usher ft. Nicki Minaj- Little Freak… “im lookin for a cutie a real big ol’ ghetto booty”WIN
5.) Sky Ferreria-One…love love love
4.) Kanye West- one woman should have that much power
3.) Drake-Over..thank me later

2.) Rihanna- Rude Boy..i could listen to just this for a whole 10 miler
i wouldnt mind having her backside

And finally……

1.) Kanye West- Monster..You Could be the King but Watch the Queen Conquer
Nickis verse KILLS IT

What are some of your favorite tunes work up a sweat to?