Tunes to Move your Tush to

Happy Thursday errbody! Its almost the weekend…scooore!

When it comes to working out..having good tunes is a must…Ive tried the whole “connect with your surroundings, and listen to your breathing” crap..aaaaand it doesnt work..without the ‘pod, workouts are quite brutal.

Creating  my go-to playlists doesnt require much..the more there is a beat, the better
I have anything from madonna(old AND new), DJ Mixes (Girl Talk), and more importantly, dirty filthy rap.

A guy friend of mine once looked at my music selections and said “wow kaity, you listen to some dirty music” …awkward

Heres a list of my top 10 workout songs of the moment/ever/dont care that its old

10.) Madonna- Heartbeat such a good jam to help you get in a good rhythm..the beat builds up and gets you moving
9.) Wiz Khalifa- Black and Yellow…everything i do I DO IT BIG (or if your a cheese head plz refer to the awesome remix of “Green and Yellow”
8.) Beyonce-Diva…cus we are all divas, even when it comes to getting sweaty

7.)Wiz Khalifa- Say Yeah…the beat is crazzzzy..and apparently i like Wiz a lot more than i thought..
6.) Usher ft. Nicki Minaj- Little Freak… “im lookin for a cutie a real big ol’ ghetto booty”WIN
5.) Sky Ferreria-One…love love love
4.) Kanye West- one woman should have that much power
3.) Drake-Over..thank me later

2.) Rihanna- Rude Boy..i could listen to just this for a whole 10 miler
i wouldnt mind having her backside

And finally……

1.) Kanye West- Monster..You Could be the King but Watch the Queen Conquer
Nickis verse KILLS IT

What are some of your favorite tunes work up a sweat to?


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