When you Assume..

I still remember the day I thought my life was over.

I had just started running again after kind of slacking one winter, and my lower legs felt like they were suffering from the worst DOMS ever..whatever, my legs would get over it, and I’d be fine in a few days.

Not so much..I kept running an the pain got worse, I could barely walk down stairs to leave my apartment…it seriously felt like someone had taken a sledge hammer to my shins and then topped it all of with a nice chainsaw.

I automatically assumed: Shin Splints…fml, the front of my calves were in so much pain, i couldnt even touch them.. i freaked out, and then spent  A LOT of money trying all sorts of things to get them fixed.

First up:
I was convinced it was my shoes..so off to the running store i went, and 175$ later i walked out with a new pair of asics and these:

Did it help my problem…not so much..crap

Next up: Physical Therapy

I spent countless hours getting massaged (aka feeling like i was getting the shiz beat out of me), hooked up to weird machines and endless calf stretches..after going there for a few months, I still had pain when I ran..well that was a waste of time

My PT recommended Orthotics because i had like the worst arches known to man..so another 146 dollars later..i had my self a pair of sexy orthotics…which helped alleviate all the back pain i had from standing on my feet for 8 hours a day at work..but did nothing for my shins..

Now i was broke, and in pain..all for the love of running

I threw in the towel and became ever so reliant on ibuprofen, popping a few before I wanted to go for a run, it helped, but as soon as it wore off my shins were screaming bloody murder.  This was it..i was done running forever..I spent so much money trying to fix the problem, thinking that QUANTITY would rule of QUALITY.

I remembered a time when a PT mentioned how weak my hips looked while running..which lit that shiny light bulb in my head; What if my pain wasnt because of flat feet or tight calves, but instead coming from some completely different area of my body.

I went home and did some research..and BAM ..i saw an article entitled

“Weak Hips may Lead to Runners’ Lower Leg Injuries”

DUUUUUH..total wake up call.

“the hip muscles are responsible for stabilizing the leg during running, if these muscles are weak, or become fatigued easily, there is less control of the leg and the risk of injury increases.”

All these years my PT had been telling me how important it was that I do hip strengthening exercises, and i totally brushed them off because stretching and doing exercises were BOOORING..4 years later..i finally started to listen.

I started doing serious hip exercises, and in 4 weeks, shin pain is gone…wow..

Exercises included:

  • Abduction/Adduction Machine- 3 sets of 10 for both
  • Squats-lots
  • Lunges-lots
  • Resistance band squats

If I would have just heeded to the advice of doctors and not jumped to make assumptions, i would not only have stronger hips, but have an extra 250$ in my pocket…

Lesson Learned: Listen to the experts, and realize that just because there is pain somewhere, does not always mean that the pain started there

Hip Weakness=Lower Leg Pain/Wanting to cut your legs off


One thought on “When you Assume..

  1. Omgsh! I had the same exact problem about 4 years ago! I have never been in so much pain and tried all the same things. Mine finally went away after I took a good year off of running everyday and just doing the elliptical. But now I have bad hip pain, I wonder if my hips are weak as well and causing all the pain! Thanks for the insight! I will have to try some of those exercises!

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