fear is supposed to be non-existant, pain is supposed to make you stronger, but what if one creates the other, creates it to the point where just the sight of something that used to be associated with pleasure, is now associated with being scared out of your mind. pain runs skin deep, or in my case, bone deep, even though pain is less every day, i fear that it will come back and never leave with one single stride.


3 thoughts on “Agliophobia

  1. hey there! I ran into your blog & I love it!– I can relate fully. This past year I’ve taken up running and it was my passion, my vice, and everything in between. Then two weeks ago I felt an excruciating pain in my foot that literally brought me to the floor in pain. Turns out it was only severe tendonitis & that in 2 weeks I should be able to run again. After two weeks of absolutely no running, I just went for my first short run this morning pain-free. Nurse the injury because the reward of getting back out there is amazing & worth all the time you go insane thinking about how much you wanna run.


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