Getting my Run on

Today, on January 31st, 2011, I ran 10 minutes straight, pain free, for the first time in a year.

It was a thrilling yet completely horrifying experience.  I paid attention to literally every twinge and twang in my legs thinking “oh god the pains coming back, i started too soon!”

Once I found my groove though, I dropped those negative thoughts because…no body ever gets too far with a brain plagued with negative thoughts.

This week begins my re-entry back into the running game after being sidelined for around 8 months…I created a bit of a training plan to keep myself on track and not getting to ahead of myself, looking a bit something like this:

(i didnt put in milage because I am going to be running on a track and am horrible at remembering what Lap I’m on, so i just rounded up from 8min miles to 10minutes total etc etc)

I hope this plan will help me get on the right path with out getting to ahead of myself.

When getting back into a training plan its extremely important to listen to your body and any cues it may be giving following these tips is suuuuuper important.

  1. STRETCH- I am someone who absolutley HATES to stretch, but it is SO important to keep your muscles loose, especially when reintroducing it to something that is so hard on your body.
  2. Have Patience- Even though you may feel like you could run 5 miles..DONT, overuse at an early stage will probably end up leading to your injury coming back, and potentially being a lot worse than when it started..things are gonna be slow at first (hello..10 minutes, that like cupcakes compared to the 12 milers I used to do) but in the end it will SO be worth it
  3. If you feel pain..take a break- Listen to your body, if it’s in pain, it will let you know that you should really slow down and maybe take a day off to let it recover after making it do something it may not recognize, take the day to do some easy cross training, and heat it and/or ice the sore spot, and dont get frustrated at the pain, its just your body asking you what the hell is going on.
  4. Take it easy- You may have been able to run 7 minute miles when you were at your peak running ability, and you may still be able to do it, but dont, dont push your body so hard so fast that youll end up regretting it 2 days later when your back to the elliptical, start of slow, and work your way up to some speed.
  5. Dont forget about strength training- once you get back in the running game its super easy to forget about thinks like a strong core and a tight butt..i mean glutes.. so on days when you aren’t running, take some time to do some planks, some squats, and some lunges, also embrace the hand weights, when you have good arm strength, it really helps to pump your arms harder while your running, which lets your body go farther without wearing out too quick.

Like my mantra says: SLOW AND STEADY may not always WIN the race..but it sure as hell will keep your legs feelin fresh

Now a question for all you…should I do my running BEFORE or AFTER I do my cross training that same day?