We survived Snowmagedon twenty eleven!

It was a crazy past few days here in Wisco…between the total white outs, winds up to 50 mph and countless mounds of snow, we were all able to dig out and manage to have some fun while we were at it.

Literally EVERYTHING was shut down Wednesday morning..the HIGHWAY was shut down…when that happens you know youre 2 steps away from the world ending…So while everyone sat bundled up in their houses claiming “Woe is me” my roommate and i took the advantage to get out and GET . day. ever

One of the busiest roads in MKE…Empty

Our adventures took us to the moon..I mean the of the weirdest scenes I have ever encountered…it was UNREAL how the beach had transformed into something extra terrestrial.

This day taught me an important lesson..when in doubt..

Go explore

Even though you may have lived in the same town for your whole life..there are still so many wonders out there that have yet to be unearthed


5 thoughts on “Snowmagedon

  1. Wasn’t the lake awesome to see!? I live down in Chicago and we walked over to the lake yesterday and it was incredible. It totally looked like the mooon!

  2. sweet pics of the lake! I came by after reading your guest post about your mom and self-image — amazing stuff, you write like you have more than your twenty years to draw on, keep it up.

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