Twin Tuesday

For a good portion of my little mushroom cut headed life I referred to Tuesday as Twin Tuesday..specifically for this reason

ImageThats right…every Tuesday, the local TV station showed 2 episodes of Full House and i was OBSESSED with these twins

But anyways, done rambling for now

I want to chat about my obsession with workout clothes


“Hi I’m Kaity and im a racer back, capri, running short/shoe addict”

My closet is dedicated solely to this weird addiction I have, its broken up into colors, seasons,  and sports, and yes this system totally makes no sense and i end up throwing them all on the same shelf anyways.

But one trend I’ve really embraced is the annoying NEON color pieces…it has nothing to do with fashion (okay im lying, it partly does) but safety.


I can not tell you how many times I’ve gone out for my run and been thissssclooooose to being turned into road kill.

Neon colors has helped make drivers more aware of the whole I AM RUNNER HERE ME ROAR attitude I project.


Running Safety is often a topic that people overlook, and I think thats because of the “that will never happen to me” mind frame a lot of runners have.  The rule of thumb for drivers will always be “Just because you can see them, doesnt mean they can see you”..this is my running motto to live by, and it has saved my life countless times.

So if youve been weary of putting some hot neon colors over your hot bods, dont be.  Dont be self conscious of your safety, even if its as simple as neon accents on a piece of clothing, just give it a try, I promise you wont look like some over desperate tween rave kid.

Here are some stylish examples:



Lululemon Scoop Me Up Tank





2 thoughts on “Twin Tuesday

  1. My workout wardrobe is more extensive than my actual wardrobe, and I own more pairs of neon sneakers than I do heels. You are not alone in this! For some reason it is just way more fun to go to the gym when you are wearing a sweet neon outfit!

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